Chosen 30th Anniversary Remaster released

For about 12 years now, I’ve had in my GEPR F.A.Q. page a paragraph that mentioned my old christian prog band Chosen. I said that one day I’d get our album digitized and make it available. So, over the Holidays, I finally found time to make it happen. I said in the F.A.Q. that I wanted to do it as a freebie, but now with the band discussing a 30-year reunion album, I thought I’d charge a small amount to help finance the new work. You can audition the whole thing using the below widget (if it doesn’t work, go directly to If you like what you hear, download a copy at our Bandcamp site.

One word of warning: if you think a new album will be like the old one, probably not. It probably will be quite different. Guitarist Jerry Kosak has gone on to create a really new and unique guitar style and is now way beyond where he was at the time (which I always thought was pretty cool even then). The rest of us still play as hobbyists, but have also moved on to different styles and even spiritual paths. But I still think we could make some fabulous music together … we’ll see. In the meantime, enjoy our 1982 album remaster. 30 years? Man, that’s hard to believe!

Click here for Chosen‘s rather old and lame web site. May be upgraded if/when we start work on a new album.
Click here for Chosen‘s Bandcamp site.
Click here for Jerry Kosak‘s web site.

One Response to “Chosen 30th Anniversary Remaster released”

  1. Bas Says:

    Hi Fred,

    Good stuff! I emailed you about this, but you’re inbox seems to be full. I guess my glowing praise will have to wait for another day, then 🙂

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