ProgRock Records changes identity

The following is a press release from Shawn Gordon, proprietor of both the ProgRock Records label and the Mindawn download site:

“We’re transitioning ProgRock Records in to a genre at The Record Label. As part of the transition, we’ve added a lot of new features to make it easier to find material and listen to previews. If you go to you’ll see in the upper right a quick search and ability to switch between the various genres. The home page now features a particular artist and new releases instead of the latest news.

“The menu navigation on the upper left gives you the basics you’d expect, but if you click on Albums you can search, filter and sort on things like genre, artist, album and price. When sorting by price, during the sale in particular, you can quickly find material by the lowest price. Our sale has items all the way down to $1. The Albums list gives a short summary on the album and the ability to add to cart, or you can click on the album and read reviews, hear samples, etc.

“We take credit cards and paypal and you can choose from a list of shipping options. The sale will run for the first week of August 2011. Due to the volume of orders we typically get during a sale, please allow a few weeks for delivery. The sale is live right now, some items are limited, we’ll do our best to de-activate them as they run out”.

I wasn’t quite sure what this meant, so I asked Shawn for some clarification. Here’s what he told me:

“I launched TRL in 2005 but didn’t do much with it, then re-launched it about 15 months ago with signing Steve Morse to it. This is really a matter of just consolidating things on the corporate end. Mindawn will also get its own corp soon (they are all DBA’s under my software corp at the moment). The PRR site is 9 years old now, so it’s part of the whole upgrade and such. The transition is just putting everything in one place”.

There you have it. Click over to the new web site and check it out.


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