Electric Sorcery – Believe In Own Best Friend

Believe In Own Best Friend

OMFG! Electric Sorcery has released their rock opera/concept album Believe In Own Best Friend. What to say about this album? I suppose I’ll start with the warning from the band:

This album is not recommended for anyone who lacks a somewhat twisted and slightly naughty sense of humor, neither is it recommended for children (unless of course you want your child to sing out dirty words in the grocery store and ask you embarrassing questions about adult apparatuses). It is also not recommended for the elderly as it may cause them to lose all hope for the future of mankind (unless of course they have cable TV in which case they already have). To quote this piece’s main inspiration, Frank Zappa: “It’s f***ing great to be alive, ladies and gentlemen, and if you do not believe it is f***ing great to be alive, you better go now, because this show will bring you down so much.” …Enjoy!

To say this album is “Frank Zappa inspired” is perhaps not strongly worded enough. “Frank Zappa-channeled” is more like it. Not the jazzy Zappa of The Grand Wazoo nor the wannabe-classical Zappa of The Yellow Shark. No, this is the filthy Zappa … the one that “Dinah Moe Humm” was a cleaned-up example of. This has everything a Zappa fan could want … screwing your business partner’s underage daughter, then killing him when he finds out she’s pregnant. Of course, since he needed to get rid of the evidence, he made a soup and ate him. Then the daughter started looking pretty yummy too, so … and this is just the opening “Suite”. The remainder of the album covers teenage sexual angst, electronic penises, prescription drug abuse, and finally the annihilation of humankind. Zappa at his finest!

Oh, no, I forgot! Not Zappa, this is Electric Sorcery. But I already accused them of mugging Dweezil Zappa and making off with the keys to Frank‘s vault. They never answered me on that one. Hmmm … can you say Dweezil soup? Too ugly to contemplate. [shudder]

Musically, this sounds like the very earliest Zappa circa We’re Only In It For The Money or Uncle Meat. Recording technique and anarchy level is also similar. The growly vocals at the beginning of “Suite : Yehsu Beelzebobs” is very reminiscent of “I’m the Slime” from Overnite Sensation. The guitar playing and woodwinds are also reminiscent of earlier Zappa, not so much the Shut Up And Play Yer Guitar era, and also don’t expect marimba/vibes gnat-notes. The similarities don’t extend that far. But you’ll have no doubt about who inspired Believe In Own Best Friend. Unlike their other albums, they want $5.00 for this download instead of “Name Your Own Price” (which many people name as $0). It’s WELL worth it! Try it out at their Bandcamp site (link below). Oh, yeah, the cover art is really cool too (above). Don’t ask me what it’s a picture of, but it’s very cool anyway. — Fred Trafton

Click here for Electric Sorcery‘s MySpace page
Click here to download Electric Sorcery albums from Bandcamp

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