Dream Theater – Mike Portnoy’s replacement

Mike Who? No, not that Mike!

The Departure of Mike Portnoy! The biggest line-up controversy in prog rock since … well, what? Rick Wakeman‘s replacement in Yes? The first time? Mike Portnoy claims he just doesn’t understand why the guys won’t let him back into the band. The rest of Dream Theater are shocked that Portnoy just abandoned them like this. They all say, “but … but … but … I thought we were a family!”

Got news for ya, gents. Families fight, get sick of each other, split up, come back together again. Shit happens. Forgiveness happens. So do unmendable grudges. I don’t know which variety this breakup is, only time will tell. One thing I do know … a few days ago, Dream Theater, with much fanfare and suspenseful buildup, have finally announced their new drummer a couple of days ago. It’s Mike Mangini (Steve Vai, Extreme, Annihilator). So what if I never heard of him? I’m sure he’ll be great.

I had actually heard a couple of months ago that they may not get a new drummer, but may replace Portnoy with a drum machine. Well, maybe that was an April Fool’s joke. Whatever. In the end, I’m sure I’ll continue following everything that both this new incarnation of Dream Theater produces, and also everything Portnoy produces from here on out. Even the new Neal Morse solo album. I’m already following the careers of Derek Sherinian and Kevin Moore. Because they’re all awesome. Not because they’re ex-DT. They all have something to say outside of DT. — Fred Trafton

3 Responses to “Dream Theater – Mike Portnoy’s replacement”

  1. Cary Says:

    You never heard of Mike Mangini? Played for Vai on albums and tours (including G3 tours), is a full professor at MIT in Boston, and holds several World’s Fastest Drummer records… he’ll have no problem replacing Portnoy. In fact, I expect Dream Theater’s composition, arrangements, and songs to become even more progressive to accommodate Mangini’s chops.

    • gibraltarepr Says:

      Not that big a fan of Vai/Satriani style guitar hero music. Doesn’t mean I don’t respect them, there’s just other music I’d rather be listening to, so I hadn’t stumbled upon MM in my travels. Since the announcement I watched Mike’s playing on the audition videos from DT and he surely will be more than capable. And different. Some will love this and some will not. Oh well.

  2. VR Says:

    He’s always been great,

    No Portnoy? No problem!

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