Fibonacci Sequence – Numerology

Fibonacci Sequence – Numerology

No, not Fibonaccis, this is Fibonacci Sequence from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, releasing their debut album Numerology. They play instrumental music in a style that is sometimes called “heavy prog”, with flavorings of prog-metal, fusion and even some “nice” passages of AOR stylings. So, there’s a little bit of Pat Metheny mixed with the Liquid Tension Experiment and There are even excursions into real prog-metal (particularly in “Catlord” — great song title!), though it never goes all the way into Dream Theater or Fates Warning territory (though these bands are also claimed as influences).

It would be fair to call this a “guitar-oriented” album, meaning that Michael J. Butzen‘s guitars are front and center on every cut, though there are some nice keyboards including piano and synths in a supporting role, and some killer bass work as well. The drumming is certainly competent, but not so flashy as to take center stage.

Nice compositions, nicely orchestrated and recorded. Especially for a debut album, this is a topnotch effort. For those who appreciate what some call “extreme fusion” (but not too extreme), it doesn’t get any better than this. Recommended. — Fred Trafton

Click here for Fibonacci Sequence‘s web site
Click here for Fibonacci Sequence‘s MySpace page
Click here to download or order Numerology from CD Baby


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