Days Between Stations – S/T

Days Between Stations is a collaboration between guitarist Sepand Samzadeh and keyboardist Oscar Fuentes, and their eponymously-titled 2007 album is their debut. The album was released to a widespread enthusiastic reception by the progressive rock community. Review after review fairly glows with praise for this album. I got it as a promo when it was released, and I haven’t got around to reviewing it until now because I just thought I really must be missing something. I thought a few more listenings might wake me up to what’s so special about it. Prog is like that sometimes, after all. But I’ve listened to it several times over the years, trying to figure out what’s so special about it. I clearly just don’t get it.

Oh, not that Days Between Stations is a terrible album. I’d say the sound is a cross between Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream with some more modern alt-rock sensibility thrown in. The recording quality is very good. I like Floyd and TD, so I like Days Between Stations. But I don’t love it. It’s not all that special. I’ve heard many other albums that use this musical style as a launching point and have achieved albums that turn me on far more than Days Between Stations. I certainly don’t see why it merits the gushing praise I hear about it on other web sites. When I’m in the mood for this kind of music, this won’t be the first album I reach for to listen to.

And, it’s got one of the most butt-ugly album covers I’ve ever seen. Well, doesn’t it?

But never mind. If you think you would like a more modern-sounding mixture of Floyd and TD, then this might be your next favorite album. Maybe it already is. But for me it’s only so-so. Rumor is they’re working on a follow-up. I’m interested enough that I’d like to hear it. But I’m also not holding my breath in anticipation. — Fred Trafton

Click here for Days Between Stations‘ web site
Click here for Days Between StationsMySpace page


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