Argos – 1st and Circles

Argos – Thomas Klarmann (basses, flute, keyboards, guitars, lead vocals, programming), Ulf
Jacobs (drums, percussion, Roland DM, backing vocals), Robert Gozon (lead vocals, keyboards,
guitars), Rico Florczak (guitars)

Argos, from Germany, could pass for a ’70’s Canterbury band … no, make that a Floydian space rock band. With ’60’s harpsichord psych and a Beatles vibe. And a bit of Gentle Giant medieval flavor and vocal counterpoint. And Van der Graaf Generator vocal stylings too. Oh, never mind, they’ve obviously studied their early prog/classic rock and love it, and wanted to make music that sounded like all of the above. With song titles like “Canterbury Souls: The Hat Goes North” and “Nursed By Giants”, they wear these influences on their sleeves. Fortunately, they’re all very good musicians, and they’ve succeeded very well in capturing the spirit of these old masters without being a direct copy of any of them.

Both of their albums, Argos and Circles are excellent. Not “original” in any earth-shattering way, but nicely composed, played and recorded with plenty of content to satisfy any lover of symphonic prog and/or the above-mentioned bands. Good harmonized vocals without a hint of German accent. Don’t be put off by the description of these guys as “neo-prog” on some web sites. That’s certainly not the first thing that springs to my mind as a description, even if it is literally true (it is, after all, modern prog). Easy on the ears without being too sweet, simplistic or cheezy, and easy to recommend.

There’s a third album in the works, and you can hear some early demos of work-in-progress on their MySpace page (link below). — Fred Trafton

Click here for ArgosMySpace page
Click here for ArgosFacebook page


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