T.R.I.O. – New album out soon!

T.R.I.O. — short for The Rhythm Is Odd — have a new album in the can, their second full CD entitled Raw Material. It’s still having the finishing touches put on it, but it should be available in January of 2011.

I got to hear a “teaser” (from this album? … not quite certain, but I think so) entitled “Subway”, currently available for digital download. This “teaser” clocks in at nearly 14 minutes of driving, aggressive prog rock that should give anyone who thinks “Rush playing covers of Mahavishnu Orchestra tunes” sounds like it might be a good idea. Like Rush, they’re a trio of guitar/bass/drums, and also like Rush, each of them is a zen master of his instrument. But they aren’t called The Rhythm Is Odd for nothing … they seem totally unwilling to play in 4/4 time, or anything else remotely “danceable”. OK by me.

You can hear the first six minutes or so of “Subway” on their MySpace Page, so go hear it for yourself. I’ll be looking forward to the whole album! — Fred Trafton

Click here for TRIO‘s web site
Click here for TRIO‘s MySpace page
Click here for TRIO‘s Facebook page
Click here to order or download From Nowhere To Eternity from CD Baby


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